Greek Crisis. Yes, we can.

Posted by Constantina Delimitrou στο Μαΐου 23, 2012

Dear Europe,
I tried to avoid this by simply immigrating with all the family I could carry, but as we Greeks have big families and on behalf of my family still left behind - well, until the moment I’m writing this post, that is - I have but to say this:

Ok. The story is globally known but just for the history it goes like this: you had to completely destroy in a few months time, every single sector of my country and every single of our lives in order to pay our debt. Of money, that is. Spent in at least two decades. While funds were flowing at the drop of a hat. And for which no one cared when spent. On the contrary, when everyone knew they were spent by corrupted politicians and corrupted citizens. And now you want it back. With interest. And can’t have it. And you decide to “punish” us all. To set an example obviously. Fine by me. Really.

I just wanted to let you know that although we are mostly christians, we don’t really believe in punishment after death. So, in order to keep breathing and before my mother in law, of all people, decides to join the happy greek colony inside my new house, I dare to make some suggestions about our potential for further destruction and therefore, punishment.

You can no longer count in the following sectors:
Our income, pensions, taxation, careers, education, health, dignity and future generation.

However, there is still big potential in:
Unemployment, humiliation, racism, fascism, violation of human rights, crime, rotten politicians, police violence, empty promises, propaganda, suicides and The Backrupsy Threat.

Thank you

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