Posted by Constantina Delimitrou στο Αύγουστος 22, 2009

Dear friends, we finally did it! You are about to live the absolute myth in our country next summer!
Oh don't be sad now, next summer is only a few months away. After all we have to prepare all those gorgeous villas and hotels and beautiful houses built literally by the sea, on our magnificent beaches or inside rare National Parks like Partnitha!

Our New-Democracy-5-year-plan has managed to burn down half of Pelloponesse, Euboia, Zakynthos, Chalkidiki and a great number of other useless villages and forests getting on the way of your dream vacations and of course, our dream profits.

Just for your reassurance, you can watch our works live on BBC right now or in every big news network. With the help of the godsend strong winds we're clearing all areas around Attica, like Stamata and Grammatiko and Varnavas, even Agia Paraskeyh! Also in a few hours, if gods send us more winds, we'll continue clearing the exotic Penteli at last!

Additionally, we have a huge surprise for you: we've burned down Marathon too! Pretty soon this ancient historic place will be totally yours to visit, stay, play golf, get as much wasted as you like and buy the (expensive) house of your dreams! Unfortunatelly Olympia is not ready. Yet.

And please, don't be carried away by the screams and cries of the villagers that loose their lives trying to save their useless homes and families. We've prepared elections for them next month, the survivors will soon forget everything and with a 3.000 euros check they will even vote for us again! Been there, done that. Really, no harm done.

See you soon, you dreamy future greek lovers!

Τσίμπα κι ένα τυχαίo post από το παρελθόν...


36 Σχόλια to “#grfires”

  1. Snowball said

    Dear, it’ s not Aghia Parskeyi at Mesogeion Avenue that is burning as we speak… (I live there, it’ s where i am writing from this very minute tha we «talk»… ) It’ s a small village near Kalentzi village (i think)…

  2. Polykarpos said

    My dear, it is so good to hear this.
    Please inform me when your prime minister will be on TV wearing an operational jacket as he did two years ago. He looked so good then. I hope ND will win upcomming election. If not PASOK will so it will be about the same.


  3. IMHO your argument -i.e that these fires are part of a government plan to make real estate investments or/and to issue a €3000 check for fire victims to buy their vote- isn’t better than the pro government arguments and rumours that state that the fires are a conspiracy of the (official) opposition, the Turks, the Americans, The secret societies, the Nephelim etc.
    Wishing that you get well with the flu soon. I am neither a doctor nor have been ill. However, I have the impression that all this thing about the flu is a little bit over-inflated at least from the media that are trying to create sensationalism and hook the audience.

    • Actually the argument was, that all we along with the incompetence of our goverment are about to create a paradise upon earth AND vote for ND without a single guilt. Don’t be fooled. Our goverment is not capable of conspiracies. Only remoules. 😉
      (you might be right about the flu, it was not so harsh but it did lasted longer)

  4. Tougo yeah but you also have to see the bigger picture: winners or not, history holds huge chapters for them. Just think of the pages to be written about mitsotakis alone. 😀

  5. Makis said

    The woods, the woods, the woods are on fire
    The woods, the woods, the woods are on fire
    The woods, the woods, the woods are on fire
    We don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn
    Burn mother fucker burn

    παραλλαγή απο στίχους των Bloodhound Gang

  6. Εκείνο το εναρκτήριο «we did it!» μου θυμίζει το κινούμενο σχέδιο «Ντόρα, η μικρή εξερευνήτρια».

    Άντε, ετοιμάσου να βγούμε, να εξερευνήσουμε τα καμμένα.

  7. Δημήτρης said

    I think that we have to forget all the stuff about ND, government, PASOK etc. and to concentrate on the fact that there are suburbs of Athens burning as we speak. There is no question of leadership I think. I didn’t like your ironic style of your «post». So, get out of your home and try to help other people, us that we are in danger. Forget all about «myths,villas,Pelloponesse 2 years-ago and I beg you to write something useful.

    Thanks a lot for the attention.

    • No question of leadership while this CHAOS is destroying Athens?
      Write something useful? Do something useful?
      The most useful thing right now would be to help burn everything left so as to finally make greeks understand that we should act BEFORE such things happen.
      Right now there is nothing of use any of us can do and tomorrow will be too late as everything will be forgoten again.
      Oh, and if you don’t like my ironic style you can still watch our leaders sincerely expressing their sorrows, asking of us to be calm, saying everything is under control and wishing us all health and happiness.
      Ooops I’m being ironic again. But that’s what FACTS is called nowadays.

    • «So, get out of your home and try to help other people, us that we are in danger.»

      … and what the fuck are you doing on the keyboard right now?

  8. Δημήτρης said

    Sorry, but I can’t follow your thinking. Good luck with your life

  9. DeviousDiva said it all:

    It’s just criminal what is happening.There are not enough fire engines, firefighters, planes, helicopters… not enough of anything. What happened to the promises made two years ago ? Where are the firebreaks ? Where are the new planes? Why has it taken the government two days to declare a state of emergency so that Greece can get help from other countries ? We have about three hours of flying time left (firefighting planes can’t function in the dark) and then the residents of these areas are on the own with the few professionals they are “lucky” enough to have nearby.

    It’s tragic and unbelievable.

    I am sitting here shaking with rage at the lack of foresight the authorities have shown and at the downright lies that people were told after the huge wildfires in 2007.

    It’s disgusting.

    Read the rest with updates:

  10. Nikos said

    There’s nothing to worry about. A few hours ago, Mr.Karamanlis was flying over the burning areas with a helicopter, to inspect the situation. So, everything is under control. Luckily, he didn’t start peeing to put out the fires. That’s the least thing we need right now, Mr.Karamanlis in a helicopter, peeing over our heads.

  11. sadrina said

    Κωνσταντίνα διακρίνω δυναμική επιστροφή στις επάλξεις ή είναι ιδέα μου;

  12. Korina said

    Aside from the tragic events, I think your post is very much to the point. That is what is happening in reality. The rest about the «fire was underestimated at its start», «the actions are fully coordinated but the winds are so strong and do not help us», «the request for help from abroad made late» are just the icing to the cake.

    I feel sorry for the poor people who lost their fortunes and put their lives in danger and very sorry for the environment. But everybody should rest assured: the fire will stop by all means if there will be the slightest threat of reaching Rafina. We have to protect our Godsend’s residence, for the rest of the people we do not give a damn.

    And who was the inconsiderate person who woke him up and disturbed his Sunday? To do what? Inspect the fires by a helicopter (the leader is right at the heart of the problem, nice communication trick). Oh, was his doctor wife also by the side of the people who had respiratory problems from the smoke? That would have been soooooo sweet!!!!

    But we know what will happen: Some new villas will resurface, some checks will be paid, and Greeks will vote for the same leadership. Greeks are mazochists. Certified with a stamp of approval.

  13. curiousss said

    Ρίξτα τα όλα στο Καραμανλή, στο ΠΑΣΟΚ, στο κράτος, στον αέρα, στη συγκυρία. Φταίνε ΟΛΟΙ και ΟΛΑ εκτός από μένα. Πού σήκωσα τη βιλάρα μου μέσα στα πεύκα.Πού λάδωσα όποιον μιλούσε ελληνικά για να φτιάξω την έπαυλη μου. Πού «βοήθησα» να καθαρίσουμε κάτι πουρνάρια στη πλαγιά. Που ξόδεψα τα μύρια για νεοπλουτίστικους αυτοματισμούς, πισίνες, σπα, πλαίη ρουμς και μάστερ μαλακίες αλλά τι είναι η πυροπροστασία, ΑΠΕ, ανακύκλωση, καθαρισμός και η φροντίδα της ΔΙΚΗΣ ΜΟΥ γαμημένης αυλής ποτέ δεν τόμαθα!
    Υπήρξα εγώ σωστός, ήμουν εγώ ο υπεύθυνος πολίτης και τώρα μού φταίει ο καραμαλής και ο κάθε καραμαλής,πολύ βολικό αυτή την ώρα…Περαστικά μας

    υγ περαστικά και στη κυρία γουρουνίτσα 🙂

    • Αυτά που αναφέρεις είναι το αποτέλεσμα και σαφώς όλοι εμείς έχουμε συμμετοχή. Γι’ αυτό έγραψα το συγκεκριμένο advertorial παραπάνω.
      Οι ευθύνες όμως που αποδίδω είναι κυρίως της κωλοκυβέρνησης γιατί τίποτα δεν θα γινόταν εάν τα λαμόγια που περιγράφεις δεν είχαν το κράτος να τους σιγοντάρει ή να τους ανέχεται και κυρίως να κάνει την μια γκάφα μετά την άλλη, όλα δηλαδή υπέρ της καταπάτησης και της ασυδοσίας μέχρι βλακείας. Τα συνοψίζει εδώ ο Κούλογλου:

      υ.γ. εγώ είμαι αυτή; χαχαχχχχχχχ

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  15. island said

    Η έκφραση «δεν υπάρχει κράτος» του Ίνδικτου κολλάει να ΣΕ την πω;

  16. Beader said

    I kill people for ten dollars, but since you are my friend, I will kill you for nothing !!!
    Παλιό αστείο, με προφορά latino όλο αυτό! ή βάλε όπου «kill» «burn» !!!

  17. taxidromos said

    Τόσο ξεφτίλες και φτωχομπινέδες είμαστε. Πουλάμε την Ελλάδς για τρία χιλιάρικα.

  18. Oh, it’s not the poor Greeks to blame. I’ m sure it’s all part of the well-known conspiracy: the ξένοι want to destroy our glorious country, because we’ re the best, the top, the clever ones, and they are all sooo jealous. The Albanians did it. Perhaps with some help of the Turks. Or the Macedonians, now that I come to think about it.

  19. DPurpler said

    Πάρε και κάτι που συνδυάζει τα 2 τελευταία ποστ σου:

  20. stelios said

    Γεια σου Κωσταντίνα! Τραγική ανάρτηση παρά το χιούμορ. Μάλλον αυτό την κάνει ακόμη πιο τραγική.

    ΥΓ. Διόρθωσε αν θέλεις το tag. Έχεις βάλει «gfires» αντί «grfires».


  21. amelinia said

    πες τα χρυσόστομη ψιλικατζού! πες τα! κατάντησε αηδία η όλη κατάσταση. Α Η Δ Ι Α!!!!!!

  22. eleni said

    χωρις λογια…

  23. Έλα τι σκάς παιδί μου!
    Θα χτίστεί ακόμα μία Αθήνα δίπλα στην Αθήνα και έτσι όλοι εμείς οι υπόλοιποι χωριάτες που είμαστε μισή Αθήνα θα έρθουμε να εγκατασταθούμε εκεί.Θα γίνουμε όλοι μια υπέροχη παρέα που θα πνηγεί μέσα στο σκατό της και στο σκουπιδαριό της.
    Θα γίνουμε και ρεάλιτι που θα δει όλη η οικουμένη….και έτσι θα έχει να θυμάται ο πλανήτης αυτή την σκατοφάρα που πνίγηκε στα σκατά της.

  24. mary said


    TO ALLOW TO BUILD the greek SILLICON VALLEY (as if sillicon valley was built next to a national park, on a hill?)

    please all do your research and at least comment about THESE THINGS.




    this what looks like unforested area,
    right now is full of small 1meter pine trees.

    NOBODY in the MEDIA has mentioned it. ….

    they all talk about crap like elections, as if this would change something..

    THERE IT IS, this is not an ANECDOTE , it is TRUE.

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